River & Rail Cantina was established in 2010. Nuzzled between the railroad tracks and the river on South Avenue in Cranford, NJ. With fantastic outdoor eating, modern fire pit, life-size games to play it's always a party at R&R. R&R houses the largest selection of tequila this side of the border. Specializing in margaritas that are second to none! Oh, and we offer a great Mexican cuisine menu complimented by the best happy hour in NJ! Come visit us anytime!

Coctails are Crucial

To experience our bar is to truly live. We offer an array of signature cocktails, magnificent margaritas, draft/bottle/can beer, unique house wines, Bacardi mojitos, congelatos, mezcal cocktails, sangria, and our original River-And-Rail-A-Ritas!

The Tale of Tequila

Thousands of years ago, the Indians in Mexico produced an alcoholic beverage called Pulque, which is the naturally fermented sap of the Maguey plant. (In pre-conquest times, tribal priests used it in their rituals to celebrate the deeds of the brave.)

When the Spaniards arrived in Mexico, their passion for spirits influenced them to improve on the Indian's Pulque. Using a distilling process learned from the Moors, they roasted, crushed & fermented the huge (80-200 pound) pineapple-shaped hearts of the smaller species of the maguey to produce the popular & potent mezcal & tequila.

The best variety of the maguey grows in the state of Jalisco wherein lies the City of Tequila located northwest of Guadalajara. To be called tequila, the product must contain at least 51% blue agave spirit from the designated Tequila area of Jalisco. The Mexican government certifies the authenticity of tequila on the bottle label with their NOM designation.

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